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My Story

Filmed at Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC.

Savion Young

We All Idolize Ourselves

Pop culture celebrates making your mark in this “me first” world. We manufacture our images, manage our personal brands, and adopt identities defined by the desperate desire to influence what everyone thinks we are, and what we think we should be. It’s our fatal flaw. I Am Second is a declaration of a new identity. A radical mantra for those weary and tired of being left wanting by empty promises. A state of heart and mind where we invite real love to fill the empty and aching space in our soul And we tell our stories so that you might experience that, too.

Our Story

Doubts Are Welcome

Declaring oneself second isn’t natural. We strive. We seek significance and affirmation of our worthiness. Most of us think, if there is a God I have to earn his approval. And even when we know that we don’t have to perform or be perfect in order for him to love us, we have a hard time holding that truth in our hearts. Letting go of living first is perpetual work in progress.


Curious About What You’re Living For?

Life is hectic and confusing in the best of times. Purpose, pain, and the pitfalls of managing one’s identity often feels like a full time job. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The path to reshaping your story can begin right here.


Live Second Community

An invitation to rest and reshape your story in relationship with the one true source of unconditional love and unshakable, everlasting identity through:

  • Coaches
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  • Events
  • Exclusive Content